Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2004 Vox Populi

My notes on the 2005 Champy night are incomplete, as I sprung a cheapo Romanian wine on Marcus - just for fun. While some might construe this as teasing (who guesses Romanian Pinot when blinded), it was an experiment for both Marcus and I as I had not tasted this wine before.

So just how did Joe come into posession of yet another bargain bin Romanian Pinot? Wandering (stalking is such a strong word) the SAQ, I overheard an employee say to a customer "You like Pinot? You have to try this! Its from Romania". Thinking she was touting one of my Under $12 finds, the Chevalier de Dyonis, I slinked over to see what she was recommending. It was Romanian all right, but not the bottle I had pitched - I had to buy it!

The 2004 Vox Populi Pinot Noir (Dealu Mare) was wet leather, fresh strawberries and pine resin on the nose ... light, crisp and flavourful on the palate. Short finish, but at this price...who cares?! The people have spoken (at least Marcus and I) - good Pinot juice for a measly 13 bucks.
cork. 13% alcohol
Score: 15/20
Price: C$13.60 (SAQ)

You will be lucky to find a bottle after I hit the stores tomorrow...

PS - Marcus' notes here.


Marcus said...

Whoops, it's already Friday. What a way to start the weekend... feeling like I've already been beaten by Joe.

Marcus said...

Thanks for the link to my notes, by the way.

Joe said...

Beaten? How could I beat you? Glad to see you are carrying on with the wine tasting, even though it is on Facebook. I think I will join one of these days, maybe even reveal my alter ego...