Thursday, June 05, 2008

2006 Catena Chardonnay

I have spoken frequently about Catena's wines on this site. In my opinion, Catena's wines are in a "sweet spot" for those of you seeking out great wine values - wines that are amongst the best in the world, but listed at prices well below the much-hyped wines from places such as Napa/Barossa/etc. because of the word "Argentina" on the label.

The 2006 Catena Chardonnay (Mendoza) region is a case in point. An explosive nose of peaches, apricots and apples, spring flowers, toasty oak and minerals. Luscious, honeyed apples on the palate with a soft oily texture, nice acidity, minerality, persistency and great balance, it hides the elevated alcohol very well. This wine is equal to, or better than, most Napa/Somoma chardonnays at twice the price, and (for a special evening) worth the few extra $ over entry-level chardonnay. 
cork. 14% alcohol
Score: 17.5/20
Price: C$20.85 (SAQ)


Shea said...

This is great stuff. But it's $35 here if you can find it at the provincial stores - and $45 at private!! wtf. That makes napa wines equivalent in price here. $20 is more like it.

Joe said...

Hi Shea - are you sure it is the Catena and not the "Catena Alta"? I noticed the Catena Malbec and Cabernet (both great wines) on BC Liquor for $22.99 - the chardonnay is the same "level" so should be priced identical (the Malbec, Merlot, Shiraz and Chardonnay are always priced identically here and in Ontario). The word "Alta" adds about $25... Note that the Alamos line at $15 is a good deal. Cheers!

Shea said...

Just read this. You were right.