Friday, May 30, 2008

2000 Di Majo Norante Ramitello (Redux)

Sometimes you raid the cellar and find something you had forgotten was in there. Sometimes you find a cheap wine aged way better than you thought possible. Tonight I got both:

The 2000 Di Majo Norante Ramitello, a blend of prugnolo (80%) and aglianico, had a wild and enticing nose of leathery dried fruit, dark berries, pine resin, black liquorice, and more. Great complexity on the palate, substantial crisp fruit supported by a nice acidic presence, and a rustic Italian edge that transports you to a tiny Italian village far, far away. This could be cellared for a few more years, and may improve - cellarwothy AND under 20$! Love this wine (I'm a sucker for quirky, rustic Italian reds) - a steal at this price.
cork. 13.5% alcohol
Score: 17/20
Price: C$19.80 (SAQ)

Tasted previously, but even better now (or better tonight...)


Edward said...


How many Prugnolo's have you tried?

Joe said...

Many! Prugnolo is another name for sangiovese, forgot to mention that, oops. Lots of synonyms - Di Majo Norante's website refers to montepulciano grapes, the label says prugnolo...never a dull moment exploring Italian wine.

Edward said...


I knew sangiovese had many names, but I must have missed or forgotten Prugnolo.