Saturday, March 01, 2008

Twelve Under $12: 2006 Chevalier de Dyonis Pinot Noir

This Romanian overacheiver was first tasted by Joe while on vacation in Malbaie at a little fondue restaurant called Le Passe-Temps. Despite my initial scepticism, I recall the owner enthusiastically recommending this wine, and at $16 (with resto markup) I thought it would be an inexpensive way to try my first Romanian wine. A great, cheap pour, I thought it would fit nicely into my Twelve Under $12 lineup.

The 2006 Chevalier de Dyonis Pinot Noir comes from Romania, but I think it is a special cuvee for a Montreal importer. A pretty cherry red in the glass, a meaty barnyard nose dominates, with some oaky/raspberry notes in the background. Juicy, with good structure and some persistency from faint (but pleasant) tannins. Considering how very hard it is to find palatable pinot under $30, much less $10, this wine deserves heaps of praise. A good pair with honey mustard chicken.
cork. 12% alcohol
Score: 15/20
Price: C$9.60 (SAQ)


Marcus said...

Nifty find. This is so far off the radar -- good to know that cheap pinot and Romanian wine are all coming together in a good way here.

Joe said...

Would love to hear what you think of this! Seems a Montreal special. Never had a Romanian wine before this one. I think some French wine people invested in this estate.

Anonymous said...

My god!! I search the internet because I was suprise how much this wine was good for 9.60can at the SAQ!! Try it with brie cheeze, french paté, smooth wine!! I got myself a certificat from SAQ and i'm a waiter in a restaurant, trust me, this is something you must try for the price!!

Joe said...

Hi Anonymous. Yes, this wine is shockingly good for the price, I buy it regularly. I like your pairing suggestions.

Marcus said...

What are your thoughts on the 2007?

Joe said...

Marcus - funny you should mention that, I have a bottle on my counter. I can't remember if I had a 2007 already or if this is new - I am pretty sure it was just as good, but I will get back to you on that.