Sunday, April 15, 2007

2006 Alamos Viognier

I mentioned Alamos in my Argentinian Values piece, but this was my first taste of their viognier. Pale straw yellow in colour with modest, but pleasing, aromas - lemon, red delicious, melon, and toast. On the palate it was crisp, effervescent, minerally, and very refreshing. Nicely balanced, with a restrained use of oak for a new world white. An excellent pairing with a lightly breaded filet of sole and wild rice. alcohol 13.5%
Score: 14/20
Price: C$16 (SAQ)

This was a much nicer new world example of viognier than the EXP Viognier I tasted recently, and a better value as well.


tgdf said...

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Joe said...

Hi tgdf. 'Reasonable' is a relative term, I suppose, but we all love to find a great value - Cheers!

Marcus said...

Opened a vin de pays d'Oc Vignier from Gourgazaud last night. It was the first French Viognier at the SAQ to disappoint me (I thought that I could not go wrong with this grape).

Guess I should be looking into these New World Viogniers.


Joe said...

I have found the Laroche single grape cheapies to be good values - competitive with cheapies from the new world.

David said...

Hi Joe--I was just writing up an article on good wines for summer and looking this one up online and found your post...definitely a good value!

Joe said...

It's nice to know some of my old posts are of use. This should be an easy wine to find - let me know if you like it!