Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2002 Castel Montplaisir

A tip of the hat to Marcus for locating this inexpensive wine from Cahors.

The 2002 Castel Montplaisir by Alain-Dominique Perrin (Chateau Lagrezette) comes from the French A.O.C. of Cahors, a region dominated by the Malbec (or Auxerrois) grape - a grape that has made its fame in Argentina. It was a deep cherry red, almost purple in colour. The nose was leather and prunes at first, later showing coffee, berries (blackberry/cherry), mint, pepper, and a delightful gamey smell. On the palate it was leathery cherries in a balanced package with a rustic edge. Slightly tart, likely due to the weak 2002 vintage, with a short finish that says "Drink Now!".
alcohol 13%
Score: 15/20
Price: C$13.30 (SAQ)


Marcus said...

Good review Joe. I think I'll check back in with this weeknight dinner red for the 2003 vintage.

Did you include the extra points for the colourful label in your score or is it to be added on?

Joe said...

Thanks Marcus. Is the 2003 available? The label is very cool - definitely worth a few more points.