Monday, March 19, 2007

2005 Viognier Dunnigan Hills EXP

Here in Montreal we don't have too many selections of straight up New World viognier. So when I was in the mood and unable to locate my go-to viognier from Yalumba, I settled for the R.H. Phillips offering. I have had great success with their shiraz in the past, so the white should be ok, right? Wrong.

The 2005 Viognier Dunnigan Hills EXP was a bright gold colour, and the nose was dominated by alcohol. I tried and tried to detect scents beyond that the powerful wave of alcohol, but all I could get was some faint melon and floral aromas. On the palate it had decent acidity, but the alcohol stunned the tongue so that it was difficult to catch the fruitiness. In my opinion, this unbalanced white is best served at a frat party (to get drunk quickly). Useful, perhaps, but definitely not my style of wine. alcohol 14.5%
Score: 11.5/20
Cost: C$19.75

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