Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2003 Moulin Lagrezette

Finding inexpensive wines is real work. If someone were paying me to write (please send all job offers to the email address below, bottom right, right below my profile) I might go blow a hundred bucks in the $10 aisle to find something I like, but this is a self-financed hobby and I HATE opening a bad bottle of wine, no matter how inexpensive.

Unfortunately, it's Wednesday and I will go bankrupt if I make ever day an OTBN night, so cheaper is better. One can obviously find those rare under $20 gems (see Debs for one example) by surfing the web, reading the journals or asking the shopkeep, but I have one strategy that seems to work reasonably well - when you find a wine you like, figure out if they have a lower-end 'entry-level' wine. And that is how I ended up with tonight's wine.

The 2003 Moulin Lagrezette is the entry level wine (or so it would appear, as they offer a wide range of wines) of this Chateau, and I bought it because I love the Chateau Lagrezette. Dark fruit, leather, cloves, and vanilla on the nose - attractive. More new world than old world, it had good balance, nice fruit and was very quaffable, but only mildly interesting. Probably a good party wine, and reasonably priced. Drink now.

Score: 14.5/20
Cost: C$17
Alcohol: 13.5%
Malbec, with some Merlot

PS - a blind tasting vs. the Grand Vin is in the works


Marcus g58 said...


I just responded to your last comment here and at the same time dropped a couple of very worthy under $20 bottles. Check them out (I'm checking out one of them tonight).

I believe there's an even more entry level wine for the Lagrezette, Alain-Dominique Perrin's label. It goes by the name Castel Montplaisir. It was a great everyday wine. Very quaffable Cahors. Not up on the new vintage yet though.

Joe said...

Found the Montplaisir on the site - looks like there is lots around. I will try to taste it blind next to the Moulin Lagrezette if I get it.