Thursday, February 07, 2008

2005 Argyros Estate

Despite a promise that the door to my cellar would be unlocked, Marcus showed up at my house for dinner with nearly a half-dozen bottles in tow "just in case". Are my wine selections that bad, or was Marcus ready to go on a bender? Whatever his intentions, it is clear that Marcus never leaves the house unprepared.

Warming up for our evening of Raclette, Marcus offered up a bottle of Greek wine. The 2005 Argyros Estate is a white wine from the Greek appellation (and Island) of Santorini. A truly unique bottle, it is a blend of grapes that I have never tasted before - Asyrtiko, Aidáni Aspro and Athíri. Very pale gold (nearly white the glass), it showed simple notes of flowers, limes and green hay that framed a juicy little white of great balance, nice bitter persistency and tingly acidity. Sipping this refreshing wine nearly transported me to Santorini...Definitely NOT a retsina, and worth seeking out.
Cork. 13% alcohol
Score: 16/20
Price: (gift)


Marcus said...

Ha ha! I always come prepared. Forgot about that cellar of yours.

I am catching up to this night. I will be posting notes on a bottle or two very soon.

Joe said...

I've been trying to get you to raid the cellar, but you are too much of a gentleman. I look forward to your notes on this evening.