Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2003 Justin Isosceles

A very good friend received some very good news today with positive implications for yours truly. Not wishing to be accused of 'premature celebration', I opted for what I thought would be a 'modest' celebratory pour, the 2003 Justin Isosceles (Paso Robles). A deep, dark cherry red with an overwhelming nose - tobacco, cocoa and blackberries dominate, with currants, cedar, coffee, smoke, almonds and a tarry background. A wall of powerful tannins and fruit spread across the palate - ripe and jammy, with a neat minerality underneath. Despite some stylistic hints of Napa, this was a very different cab from those northern California cab blends. Nicely done, but at this price not so 'modest'. Far too young, this needs more cellar time.
cork. 15% alcohol
Score: 18/20
Price: C$75 (LCBO)

Cheers, my friend!


Sean said...

Wow Joe,

That's one pricy bottle of Meritage. InterWined.com recommended the Isosceles to an American friend last year.

I had no idea it was that expensive (that's nearly £40), I wonder if Jacob know that.

In London, I know quite a few wines I would probably purchse instead of the Justin for that amount.

Joe said...

Hi Sean, I totally agree that is a hefty price to pay - I bought two bottles on the recommendation of a friend - I like it a lot, but would I buy again? Tough to say. I notice it is even more expensive on line...