Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ribs and Pinot, Part 3

Pinot and ribs to brighten up a cold, damp, fall evening. We had two new world Pinot Noirs this evening:

2004 Domaine Carneros (California) Pinot Noir
2004 Ninth Island (Tasmania) Pinot Noir

The feature wine tonight was the Domaine Carneros, which I brought back from Napa. Note that the high end wine from this estate is also fabulous, winning one of our previous tastings. Very aromatic, with scents raspberry, mint, leather, vanilla or butter, and cocoa. Slightly earthy as well. Interesting - like a chocolate raspberry dessert. On the tongue it has beautiful, rich, chocolatey/fruity texture, with bright acidity. Well balanced and approachable in its youth, this was a beautiful, interesting Pinot.
Score: 17.5/20
Cost: US$30 (winery)

The poor Ninth Island, a Pinot I always rave about as a great value. And it remains a great value, but it was tough to follow the the Domaine Carneros. A nice but simple nose, with scents of oak, strawberry and cocoa. It was nice on the palate, but somewhat off balance due to the very high acidity. It is a nice match for food and a very reasonable price for Pinot Noir.
Score: 15/20
Cost C$23 (SAQ)


Edward said...


Can you remember what the percent alcohols were on the two wines?

Tasmania is very cold, as cold or colder than NZ, and I think producing better value pinot than the kiwis.

More importantly can you remember what the labels felt like ;-)

Joe said...

Hi Edward. Sorry for the delay - just found the hard copy of my tasting notes. According to my notes, both wines were 13.7% alcohol - strange. Anyway, I have only had the Pipers Brook and Ninth Island, and not in proximity to a NZ Pinot, so I can't opine on that relative value comment. I think the Domaine Carneros Label was more pleasing to the touch - great wine if you can find it (or if you go to Napa)