Friday, November 24, 2006

2004 Chateau de Nages Reserve (White)

I have had great success with the Chateau de Nages red wine (especially the Cuvee Joseph Torres - excellent value), so I thought I would get a few bottles of their white. An intriguing blend of Rousanne and Marsanne, it was even on sale - just C$12.21.

I thought the 2004 Chateau de Nages Reserve (Blanc)  would be a nice smooth sipper before dinner, but I was wrong - this would be an excellent wine for pairing with a meal. Nice lemon and toast scents, very minerally. Crisp and minerally with excellent balance, this would be a terrific match for a oysters or a simply prepared white fish. Highly recommended!
cork. 13.5% alcohol.
Score 14.5/20


Marcus g58 said...


Thanks for your note. I'm pouring over everything in your wine journal right now -- it is a luxury to find such pertinent local stuff richly and thoroughly analyzed like this. I'm glad you made the move to full-fledged blog from the smackdown tasting reviews. I'll definitely be putting you at the top of my bookmarks and will look forward to regular posts from you!

This post in particular caused me to stop and write to you though. I think we've got more than local wine blogs in common. I think we've been brushing shoulders at the SAQ sales. Check out my tasting note and you'll see that our findings of citrus and mineral aren't the only things we share. Do you shop for wine downtown by any chance?


Joe said...

Thanks for the comments, there has definitely been an evolution in my thoughts for this blog, and I appreciate the added detail on the Chateau de Nages (sometimes I have to write fast when my wife is looking over my shoulder).
I do shop downtown - my favourite SAQ haunts are Art de Vivre, 440 de Maisonneuve and Les Ailes. I am the guy hunched over my blackberry pulling up Parker ratings...

Marcus g58 said...

I just realized I didn't write that comment very clearly...

"Check out my tasting note and you'll see that our findings of citrus and mineral aren't the only things we share"... i.e. we offer a similar tasting note AND, in doing so, paid the same sale price for it -- obviously a director's sale discount. Which is why I think we picked it up at the same place since those sales are never the same from store to store.

So when I'm in the big downtown SAQs, I'll be watching for the blackberry -- I could use some advice like that.

(Meanwhile I'll be reading up and looking forward to more -- I can't believe I haven't come across your blog before today... Hope your wife doesn't mind these dinner-diversion encouragements.)