Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Values, Spain

Following on my Argentinian and Australian value selections, here are my five best wineries for inexpensive wines (below C$20) from Spain. These wines are widely available, but some seem to sell out quickly so you have to be on your toes!

Castano: Castano has a great selection of wine under $20, and it usually sells out. There is a reason why - they are all great values. The Monastrell (Mourvedre) is fantastic, and the Dominio Espinal is probably one of the greatest values on the planet.

Castell del Remei: The Gotim Bru is a great value, and seems to be available in my price range. The Oda is a bit more expensive - pass, and go for the Gotim Bru.

Conde de Valdemar: Great values across the line. The Gran Reserva won our $35 smackdown. The Reserva, Crianza and even the white are nice, with the Crianza and white in the price range.

Muga: Muga makes some good high-end stuff, but their Crianza is a great buy. The other Mugas are pricy, but good.

Sierra Cantabria: The Crianza is a great value.

FYI - I will probably have a sequel to this post, cheers!

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