Sunday, October 21, 2007

Swiss Wine: 2006 Fendant Chasselas

I am suspcious of grapes that never really make it to the new world. Chasselas is not widely planted in New World vineyards, which incessantly seek to copy the world's greatest. Is that an oversight, or is chasselas just not worth the effort?

While tonight's cheesy raclette would have paired nicely with a Swiss white, we also planned on throwing some chunks of filet mignon on the rock, so a red was probably in order. Thus, my first Swiss wine was relegated to "warm-up" status.

The 2006 Fendant by Cave St-Pierre is a chasselas from the Swiss appelation of Valais. Shiny white gold in the glass, it was mildly aromatic, with subtle scents of white flowers, limes, pineapple and toast. Minerally and slightly effervescent on the palate, this dry white showed nice bitterness and persistency. Rather competent, but a bit thin and dilute, this easy drinking white was a nice warm up for tonight's raclette.
cork. 12% alcohol
Score: 15/20
Price: C$17.85 (SAQ)

PS - my wife insisted on Bordeaux for the main event, stay tuned...

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