Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dinner at Vago: 2003 Tauleto

My wife's parents insisted on taking us out for dinner, so we went to Vago, an Italian joint on Greene Avenue in Westmount. The Brunello I had my heart on was sold out, so Tommaso - the sommelier - sought to restore his good name (and my good cheer) with this brutish sangiovese from Umbria.

Actually, the 2003 Cesari Tauleto is made from Sangiovese Grosso (90%, the Brunello grape) and Bursona Longanesi (10%, and a grape I never heard of before). A dense, dark, cherry red, nearly opaque, it gave off beautiful scents of cedar, cherries, leafy tea and tobacco, damp wood, nutmeg, coffee, leather, smoke. On the palate this powerhouse was very dry and full-bodied, well-extracted, with beautiful spiciness and dark cherry fruit. A very long finish, buy it now but but do not open this for a few more years. A great Brunello substitute, thanks Tommaso!
cork. 14% alcohol
Score: 17.5/20 (+?)
Price: C$49 (SAQ, more at the resto)

PS - I think my wife is tiring of me becoming best friends with every sommelier I meet! After dinner Tommaso served me a splash of Moscato, and then brought me over to the bar where he poured me a glass from a bottle of Solaia - awesome!

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