Friday, December 01, 2006

2004 Steltzner Cabernet Franc

I bought this wine when I visited the Steltzner winery in October. Funny - I do not have any tasting notes for that wine during our visit, but I bought two bottles? Sure I tried it there.

Anyway, this was another Steltzner hit. Deep cherry red, with an impressive nose: captivating aromas of violet, blackberry/strawberry, a strong scent of truffles, leather, cedar, and spice, it also had nice meaty aromas and pencil shavings. Very complex, it changed and developed over the evening - fascinating. On the palate it was full-bodied with firm tannins, big fruit and a decent finish. Very drinkable, but slightly awkward due to the high alchohol. A bit of a bruiser. Nice now with a good decant, but should soften up with some more time in the bottle. Overall, a big muscular wine, and a nice take on Cabernet Franc - a nice change from those 'everyday' red grapes (Shiraz, Cabernet).
cork. 15% alcohol
Score 17.5/20
Cost C$40 (winery)


Fadi said...

Hi Joe,
I have to admit that I am no an expert on Cabarnet Franc, but I wanted to share with you a good value find that I tried and is currently available at the SAQ (March 2008): La Coudraye Yannick Amirault Bourgueil 2005 (C$ 21; scores: WS91; GV91). Very dark in color and overloaded with a nose that it overwhelmingly vegetal (brussel sprouts, celery, green peppers) and some manure action as well. On the palate it's extremely vegetal with a strong pepper taste and a long finish. If you're a new world fan you'll definitely won't like this, but if you were down with veggies, then at this price you can never go wrong with this Cab Franc. Cheers.

Joe said...

Hi Fadi - thanks for the suggestion. Vegetal is classic Loire Cab Franc, but manure action? Anyway, you know I like both old and new world stuff, so I will go find a bottle (according to not much left in Montreal...). Cheers!

fadi said...

Hi Joe,
Yeah there're still few bottles left of this at the SAQ.The manure was subtle though on the nose, the pepper was there all day long. This was my first experience in a 100% Cab Franc and I served it neck to neck with a Nz Pinot Noir (Amisfield, WS93, GV93; available from US) which had a an explosion if fruit. I thought I would provide my guests a shocking contrasting grape variety!.
BTW, anything on value Sauterns, I see that you have not tackeled these yet in your blog. Cheers,

Joe said...

Hi Fadi - that is a contrast! For value, skip Sauternes and buy Monbazillac
I definitely taste Sauternes, but they are usually opened at the end of a wine tasting and everyone is a bit too tipsy to score...I will tackle that someday