Wednesday, May 06, 2009

2005 1er Cru Burgundies from Domaine Rebourgeon-Mure

The 2005 vintage for red Burgundy has been widely praised in the wine media, a rare vintage which seemed to get the nod from both the traditionalists and the modernists. I have also enjoyed a number of these wines, but with many of these beauties long gone I was not expecting an email from my friend, Mark, offering me a chance to partake in a special '05 Burgundy order.

Not a house that I had heard of before, but the importer taunted us with some glowing reviews (but of course!) of these two bottles:

The 2005 Rebourgeon-Mure Volnay 1er Cru "Santenots" sported a dry, dusty nose of succulent raspberries and black earth. Soft and silky on the palate, a bit earthier than the Beaune below - tart, light, with crisp fruit and a pleasing, lingering minerality.
cork. 13% alcohol
Score: 16.5/20
Price: C$58 (private import)

The 2005 Rebourgeon-Mure Beaune 1er Cru "Les Vignes Franches" was all cola, meat and truffles, some wet stones and hints of old shoe leather...very intriguing. Soft and silky, tangy and flavourful on the palate, very well balanced with juicy berries. Darker, softer, than the Volnay, very pleasing.
cork. 13% alcohol
Score: 16.5/20
Price: C$49.15 (private import)

These were no-fault wines - it would be really easy to serve these and win kudos - but perhaps lacking the depth and complexity of the greats. Stylistically I preferred the more tightly wound Volnay, but the fleshier Beaune was equally pleasing - that was simply a style preference.

Conclusion? Even some of the '05 holdbacks are worthy additions to the cellar - buy em when you see em

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