Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Perfect Foil for Lamb Steaks?

With Marcus coming over for an impromptu tasting I quickly scrambled for a theme. In such situations I usually focus on the wines, but tonight it was decided that the food should be front and center. Thus, our four intrepid tasters sought to evaluate which of tonight's wines (Bordeaux, Barbaresco, Toro - all served blind) worked best with grilled terriyaki lamb steaks.

There was no consensus as to the best pairing, but the wine that generated the most commentary and discussion was the 2000 Marchesi di Gresy Martinenga (Barbaresco). Light cherry red in the glass, with a wonderful nose of Jaguar leather, rose petals, rubber, black cherries, liquorice, truffles, damp cedar, and a hint of vanilla. Exquisite on the palate - silky green tannins, ample acidity, crisp fruit, terrific length - polished, with everything in harmony. This beauty was enjoyed here previously... 
cork. 13.5% alcohol
Score: 18/20
Price: C$65 (SAQ)

Our Bordeaux was a "second wine" from a "lesser" vintage, but it was a worthy competitor to our Italian gem and an equally good pairing for tonight's meal. The 2001 Carruades de Lafite (Pauillac) impressed with a complex nose of leather, violet and blackberries, some white pepper, green pepper, and dark tea as well. Crisp dark fruit on the palate framed by strong acidity and well-integrated oak, very poised. I had a bottle of this when it was younger, and I am stunned at how much this wine has improved - this was terrific Bordeaux, purchased at an incredible futures price...
cork. 12.5% alcohol
Score: 18/20
Price: C$49 (LCBO futures)

Our poor Spanish entrant was nobody's favourite, on its own or as a pairing with the meal. The 2001 Quinta Quietud (Toro) was dark purple in the glass, with gobs of spicy new oak on the nose, dark berry fruit, tobacco and cloves, meaty with a late greenness. Thick, dry tannins with good fruit, a great wine but it came off a touch flabby and unpolished in the presence of its distinguished peers. Enjoyed earlier this year...
cork. 14.5% alcohol
Score: 17/20
Price: C$30.75 (SAQ)

A couple of notes: (1) Both the Barbaresco and the Bordeaux were in contention for the best pairing tonight, with all tasters back and forth regarding their preferred wine for tonight's meal - trust me, both work. (2) While the Carruades de Lafite sported a modest price, I see prices on the internet FOUR TIMES higher than what I paid - that was one incredible futures buy, I only wish I dove deeper into that 2001 release.

But there is more - Marcus, ever the glutton for punishment, invited my entire family to his house for a Portuguese wine tasting...stay tuned.


Edward said...

Jaguar leather. . . I like that, certainly seems more appealing than the smell of my leather boots or a sweaty saddle!

Joe said...

As a teenager I worked at a Jaguar dealer for the summer - a fun, if unprofitable, pursuit. That smell will live with me forever...I have no comment on your boots.

Marcus said...
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Marcus said...

Can I just quickly mention at this point how much easier commenting on facebook is!? Second failed attempt at Joe's Wine this week for me :(

(So here's another shameless plug:

Luckily, cooking for your kids was not as difficult. I am very stoked about you posting something from the evening. I have no photos, and I will admit that hosting duties made me less than at-the-ready to switch to note-taking.

Let me know if you want stock footage of the wines we opened or of the fireworks - I'll see what I can pull together for you.

(Firework imagery might be a suitable visual theme for your report of the evening spent with Joe's and his family of five... though it's too bad the fireworks that went off after dinner weren't Portugal's entry in this year's pyrotechnic competition -- I think it was Canada's that night?)

Joe said...

That's funny, Marcus, no one else is having trouble...I am not allowed to comment on Facebook, so I can't say which is easier. Not sure if I have photos from that night - if not I'll just post a generic fireworks shot, don't worry about the stock photos. Pretty sure it was Canada - next time we will plan the wine to match the fireworks competitor. Still working on that writeup...soon