Thursday, July 03, 2008

The End of the World

My last post featured Unibroue's Don de Dieu, a beer that is unfiltered and triple fermented. Aside from a more robust, complex and full bodied beer, the triple fermentation (>60 days, much more malt) results in substantial bottle sediment and a very high alcohol content. I even read that once the bottle is opened the fermentation continues, resulting in an even stronger second half of the bottle!

But while the Gift of God is a unique malt beverage, my favourite pour from this beermaker is La Fin du Monde - similar in style, but more complex - a touch spicier and hopier on the nose with a nice soft custardy palate, yet tangier and more refreshing - this worked well with a plate of german-styled sausages. This is a wine-lover's beer, with enough complexity on the nose and palate to educate and entertain - and it can even be kept in the cellar (maker recommends three years)!
cork. 9% alcohol
Cost: C$4.50 + tax (750 mL)

This could be my favourite beer, right up there with the Chimay Grand Reserve, but there are so many others... (like my wines, it depends on the mood). Note that are numerous web reviews of this beer (i.e. Beer Genius) - a testament to its "wow", in my opinion.

CONSUMER ALERT: Guzzling a big frothy mug of 9% alcohol beer is a dangerous proposition - goes down easy, and you may think "I only had two beers, I can drive now." Wrong, this stuff really goes to your head.

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..."


Shea said...

Great note - looking forward to more beer tastings from you! I should try this again. I also enjoy Maudite and the Ephemere apple beer. I hear La Terrible is fantastic.

Joe said...

Hi Shea - I used to drink more beer, but gave it up over the last few years for wine. Trying to see if I can re-try some of those old favourites. I like the Maudite, Ephemere is ok to share with the wife. Never had the la Terrible. By the way, they came out with a beer to celebrate Quebec's 400th anniversary - it got great reviews in the paper - may write that one up!

Marcus said...

Little known fact about Dr Weingolb: Sat beside Unibroue CEO André Dion at the launch for "Trois Pistoles" and then drank some of his beers with him out of crazy Burgundy-like fishbowls over conversion (in French!) for a credit course (I was conducting an interview for a French linguistics class that was part of a second-language summer immersion).

Joe said...

Punch him in the head - never liked the trois pistoles... :) I have some of those crazy fishbowls with a Chimay logo on them (12 years old...). Well done!

Anonymous said...

Personally of all the Unibroue offerings I prefer by far 'Raftman' with its Whisky malt thing!
Question de goût!

I enjoyed your blog!

Amicalement vôtre,

Joe said...

Hi Ronberge - great to hear from another Montrealais! it has been a while since I tried the Raftman - have you tried the 400th Anniversary beer? Cheers!