Friday, July 18, 2008

2006 Montecillo, A White Rioja

Marcus may have disappeared from the Blogosphere, finding fame and friendship on Facebook, but he still likes to slum it with the Blogger folks who prefer their anonymity to the "HERE I AM" world of social networking. Marcus joined the family for dinner and we opened an inexpensive white wine to prepare our palates for some big reds. This 2006 Montecillo White (Rioja) featured a simple, but enticing nose - crisp lemon tart, pears - but elegant on the palate, with fresh acidity and lemon bitters. Flavourful, clean, fresh and balanced, rather nicely done at this price point.
cork. 12% alcohol
Score: 16/20
Price: C$15.70 (SAQ)

Stay tuned, when Marcus, Joe et. al. answer the question "Which wine (Barbaresco, Bordeaux, Toro) works best with a steak off the grill?"


Marcus said...
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Marcus said...

Glad that dinners past are not escaping your grip -- facebook can definitely distract in that regard. Thanks for the linking.

That was a delicious repast and a great way to spend yet another rainy summer evening. I didn't realize that Rioja was only $15 -- I'd get that again.

Please help: could this bottle really be on sale until Aug 17 at the LCBO for only $8.95?

Joe said...

Hey Marcus - thank goodness you deleted that past comment - I thought I was nerdy for not knowing what asdfsda meant. I just posted the whole dinner, and working on that Portuguese night - stay tuned.

As for the Rioja, at that price its a hit - equal or better than a Pinot Grigio as a cold, summer sipper. As for the LCBO - they don't list a vintage, which makes me suspicious - at that price you can't go wrong, pick up a bottle!