Friday, March 07, 2008

Twelve Under $12: Bistro Mundo Espagne

Trolling the bargain bins for $12 wine, it was only a matter of time before I grabbed a box wine. Actually, I had no intention of tasting a box wine, but a reader of mine, Fadi, recommended this cheap Spanish pour. The non-vintage Bistro Mundo Espagne is made from tempranillo, and featured dark berry fruit, vanilla, and some oaky spiciness on the nose. On the palate this New World-styled wine was juicy and balanced, featuring a nice (and surprising) presence of tannins and some finish, but very little acidity. A tad artificial, but with no rough edges it was surprisingly nice. Keep a box in the fridge for cooking, and feel free to grab a sip when you are not up to opening a bottle. And with a lower carbon footprint than bottled wine, you can feel good about saving the planet.
1L box. 13% alcohol
Score: 13.5/20
Price: ~C$11

Note: Bistro Mundo is a series of Tetra Pak box wines sold at grocery stores in Quebec, featuring red and white wines from France, Argentina, Italy, and Spain. The boxes look very similar, so make sure you read the label before throwing it into the cart. It is also important to note that not every box is the same - this is non-vintage, so I have no idea if I buy a box in six months if it will taste the same - I have not always had the same experience with this one.

So far I have been amazed by my tasting group's silence. When I started on this $12 adventure I expected a deluge of ridicule from this gang of wine snobs - perhaps the shock has yet to wear off? Surely a BOX WINE will elicit a few emails from the gang...


Fadi said...

Hi Joe,
Yes, I agree with you 100% on this review. I was pleasantly surprised with this box wine. Just a comment to the readers that this wine also exists as a pack of 4 x 187.5 ml format (~10 C$), which could be more handy for cooking & the casual 1-2 glass sips. Cheers,

Joe said...

Good point, Fadi - that would be very convenient for camping, hotels, or for singles. Have you ever tasted the other Bistro Mundo wines (France, Argentina, Italy)?

David said...

box wine, huh? sounds worth trying. I just had a good value wine last night too, the McManis Petite Sirah. A dollar over your price point, but still a good buy!

Joe said...

Surprised me! I will look for that McManis - I am not fussed by that extra dollar. Thanks for the tip.

Fadi said...

Joe, I tried also the Bistro Mundo from Argentine but did not like it at all. Not a recommend...I have not not tried the French one though. Cheers,

Joe said...

Thanks, Fadi - if I ever hear from someone on the other Bistro Mundo wines I will let you know. Cheers!