Saturday, March 01, 2008

Twelve Under $12: 2006 Peron Torrontes

In the past I have found Argentinian white wines made from the torrontes grape to be a great, cheap pour. Unfortunately, I am finding price inflation over the course of my Under $12 quest, as some previously enjoyed $12 pours have crept up over my arbitrary resistance point. One example is the Etchart torrontes, which now goes for the princely sum of C$13.15. In desperation I grabbed the only torrontes available that day, the 2006 Peron Torrontes. White gold, with classic floral and melon notes, some lavender as well. Fresh and simple on the palate, with appley green melon, but virtually no acidity or persistency. Not bad, but very simple, I would probably blow the wad and get the Etchart.
cork. 12.5% alcohol

Score: 12/20
Price: C$10.80 (SAQ)

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