Friday, January 04, 2008

Reflections on 2007

I don't wish to review a "Best of 2007" today - far too many great wines in 2007 and "Best" must be in context. Nor do I have 2008 resolutions to share, although you can be certain that I have made some (Hint: Germany). But I want to let you in on a secret - Joe's Wine is NOT a collection of tasting notes.

While it may look like I am emptying my wine cellar to give you some wine recommendations, that is not the case. Joe's Wine is a cleverly crafted wine "home school" for a guy with lots of wine and no time to take a course. (ok, maybe clever is a stretch...)

So I buy something I have never tasted. I drink it. Then I stash it away to see what it will taste like in a few years. Or I blind it to compare: Does price make a difference? Terroir? Vintage? What pairs well, and what doesn't? Which tasters are more reliable and in tune with my palate? Is the wine changing, or is my palate changing? And I read, lots.

Study, study, study. (If only I was so committed in College) All the while I take copious notes, and more often than not I share those with you. This is my personal wine journal, and I hope you enjoy reading.

So please do not consider my posts as wine recommedations (although I am thrilled when one of you pick up a great bottle I recommended). I recognize that the price point of many of these wines and the aging requirements limit my audience and most of you won't bother. But what I do hope is that you get out of that darn rut and try something new, drink blind, explore. One of my greatest acheivements has been getting my good friend (and Shiraz-oholic) Eden to enjoy some Monastrell, Malbec and Tannat, sending him on a new journey.

Yes, I know I wrote about why I blog in a previous post, but in the end if you all stopped reading I would still be writing because it is the only way I learn.

So what brings Joe to such an introspective moment? I am not drinking tonight, but I thought this podcast by Tim at Winecast (an hour long "state of wineblogging" Alder, Debs and Gabriella & Ryan) was food for thought.

All the best in 2008 - Cheers!


Edward said...


Well said.
I think we must be on a similar page.

I'm a big fan of self education when it comes to wine. Reflective drinking is what I like to call it.

Best wishes and good luck in 08. I might just join you in Germany! Do you think Barry will room at his table?

Joe said...

Hi Ed. Thanks, that is why I like your blog so much! You used the term calibration, and that is what I always think about when I taste. As for Germany, I was thinking of tasting more German wine rather than visiting Germany, but who knows? Barry?

David said...

Hi Joe--I too am similar in my wine drinking/blogging/learning mode. I like Edward's "reflective drinking" phrase.

Joe said...

Hi David, that's great. Ed's "Reflective drinking" nails it...

Edward said...


Tongue firmly in cheek when I mentioned staying with Barry (aka Barry's food and wine blog)

The meeting in GErmany will have to be metaphorical as well. I can afford a case of German whites, but not the holiday :)

Joe said...

Ed, I knew who you were talking about but I was only half joking - I think Barry would love to have us over (he wants to get me back for a bad wine recommendation...). It's halfway (sort of) between Montreal and Perth...

Barry said...

I have a table for 2 reserved for an undisclosed date in the summer 2008..we are very full all the time..Buses with Japanese tourists etc

You would both be welcome..and the promise can each choose a bottle from the restrictions!!!
Would be super if you both could make it...

keep this a secret..but German Spätburgunder COULD be the next big thing..but I doubt if the rest of the world will ever take it in you'll have to come here..

As to any bad wine's amazing how many uses I have found to dispose of it LOL I gotta either of you have food allergies?

Marcus said...

Hey this was a great post.

You are an efficient, effective writer.

Joe said...

Hi Barry, don't count the chickens yet, but it is not out of the question. Would love to come! Spatburgunder? You'd better hope for global warming ;) I am very sorry you had to "dispose" of it - I would have happily guzzled it. No food allergies here, Ed?

Thanks Marcus!