Tuesday, January 01, 2008

G.H. Martel "Cuvée Romance" NV

For New Year's Eve the missus and I opened a bottle of Martel's Cuvée Romance, a wine that we picked up at the winery last summer. A visually stunning bottle, but I didn't bring this back in my checked baggage for looks!

The Martel Cuvee Romance Brut NV was green apple and a lemon croissant, later smelling like bread dough. Yeasty and toasty, with a nice soft mousse. Crisp and refreshing with subtle flavours, almost prosecco-like. Uncomplex, but elegant and absolutely delicious. A great value!
cork. 12% alcohol
Score: 17/20
Price: ~20 Euros (winery)

PS - according to the winery only 40% of their wine leaves the country so this wine may be hard to find.


Marcus said...

I need to get up to speed with sparkling and you and Neil are the folks to do it.

This sounds great. I love toast.

We had the Roederer Anderson Valley Brut on New Year's and I was disappointed after all the praise and the runaround getting the remaining bottles. Very citrus-y. Very.

Joe said...

Look to Neil for the champs, I am no expert. Not just toast, WET BREAD DOUGH. Never had that, very cool. And a gift-worthy bottle to boot! Hmm, I like the Roederer given that price point, but then again I would prefer the Romance for less (if you could find it). I also like the Codorniu Brut at much, much less. Thanks for commenting on this post - I expected more!