Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris: 2003 Croix des Sablons

After a simple meal at an unnamed global restaurant chain last evening, we returned to the full glory of French cuisine. Just two blocks from our hotel was the Restuarant Perraudin, a Paris bistro recommended in our Rick Steves guide to France. Packed with tourists (I noticed someone else with a Rick Steves guide), the omnipresent English language made me wonder if I was just dreaming, and still back in North America...nothing like a simmering plate of 'cuisses de grenouille' (frog's legs) to bring me back to Gallic reality!

For the wine I chose the red 'Vin du Mois', a Bordeaux from the well regarded 2003 vintage. The 2003 Croix des Sablons comes from the Haut-Medoc AOC, and was a stunning example of why Bordeaux is so special. Deep, dark purple, with a beautiful nose of violet, pepper, dark cherry fruit, cloves, leather and oak. Pulled from the cellar and served at the proper 'chambre' temperature, on the palate it was rich and full-bodied, tannic and leathery with juicy blackberry fruit and good acidity, it had very nice length - good now, or may age for a few more years. More new world in style, it was a nice match for my duck confit.
14% alcohol
Score: 17.5/20
Price: €25 (menu)

My compliments to Restaurant Perraudin. While service was slow (rather common over here), they did not flinch at the arrival of a family of five, the food was stunning, the choice of the Wine of the Month was spectacular and served properly. Bravo!


Marcus said...

I like that you fearlessly took photos! Nice job. I always try to be too much of a covert tourist to capture good images.

Will definitely retain the Peraudin name.

So here is a Haut-Médoc from 2003, just like SAQ's Hanteillan I mentioned before. I have not tried it. Phaneuf says it's not entirely a drink-now cuvée. I'm rarely in the mood for tannic wine in the summer... maybe you can tell me more about it and compare it with the Croix des Sablons?

Joe said...

I figured they KNEW we were tourists so no point pretending - I didn't see any French families of five out for dinner at 9pm! I just added the link to the resto - I recommend it. I also noticed an intriguing wine shop across the street, but I didn't have time to prowl the aisles.
As for tannic wine in the summer, surely your grilled meat consumption must rise with the nicer weather?
From what I understand, you think I should try that Hanteillan and pass on the notes? Sure, I am back in town - will look for it tomorrow.