Tuesday, June 05, 2007

1999 Falesco Marciliano: Bin 36, Take Two

Another night in Chicago, another night to taste wine! After an aborted attempt to visit The Tasting Room at Randolph Wine Cellars, we returned to Bin 36. Jimmy was not there to ply me with more of his wares, so my friend and I turned to the well-stocked cellar for a bottle of something a little more special.

After some debate and arm-twisting, I managed to get my way and order a bottle of the stunning 1999 Falesco Marciliano. Consistently one of the best producers of inexpensive Italian wine (try the Vitiano sometime), I was curious to see what this top cuvee (which I never knew existed) could acheive.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this deep-purple hued wine leapt from the glass with exuberant earthy and tobacco scents. Without even tasting this, I knew it was extraordinary - a bountiful, evolving nose of blackberries, musk, tea, almonds and very nice vegetal aroma. Equally impressive on the palate, this hearty Italian wine showed very dry, smooth, velvety tannins. Complex, balanced, with beautiful fruit, one of the best Cabs I have ever tasted. It will likely keep for many years, but it would never last a day in my cellar - it is ready now. Great as an after dinner sipper, supported by a plate of terrific cheeses.
13% alcohol
Score: 18.5/20
Price: $$$?

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