Friday, May 11, 2007

2004 Torbreck Juvenilles

With ribs snuggly nestled in their marinade, I went down to the cellar to grab a Pinot Noir, my favourite pairing for grilled ribs. But then I thought "what a rut!" - I always pair Pinot with ribs. My guide suggested a Cru Beaujolais (I use this book to get me out of ruts), so I grabbed a 2005 Marcel Lapierre Morgon. But it was not to be, cursed with a corked bottle.

Dinner was nearly over by the time I opened our next bottle, the 2004 Torbreck Cuvee Juvenilles. I was hesitant with this wine, as we suffered a corked bottle at our recent Shiraz tasting, but there was no problem tonight. The Juvenilles was a bright cherry red, with an up front meaty smell. This wild animal rushed at me with scents of smoked meat, cedar and spices (pepper, cloves), blueberry jam, white flowers and lovely flinty, smokey, aromas. On the palate this luscious, full-bodied, modern-styled Aussie blend was leathery smooth, with blueberry fruit, liquorice and firm tannins, but the 14.5% alcohol was obtrusive. A wonderful, after-dinner pairing with absolutely nothing. Sold out, unfortunately, or I might have gone back for another bottle.
Score: 17/20
Cost: C$29 (SAQ)


Edward said...


Torbreck are one of my favourites. It is very impressive what they have achieved from a standing start in the last 10 or so years. I like their Woodcutters shiraz and the Struie - which straddle the Juvenilles and Steading in price.

PS I have just spent the last 5 minutes smelling my old copy of Harrison's!

Joe said...

Hi Edward,
I have just started buying Torbreck wines. I am annoyed that I didn't buy more of the Juvenilles, but I have a few bottles of the Struie in my cellar.
Keep sniffing - I'm sure that's how Parker got his million dollar nose!

Sonadora said...

Oh, too bad it's sold out, it sounds delicious!

Joe said...

Have you been shopping in Montreal, Sonadora? ;) Maybe your favourite Virginia wine merchant can get you a bottle! Unfortunately, these low volume highly rated wineries tend to sell out - sigh.