Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lounge Lizard

With a long tour through customs and security I thought I would miss my flight. Instead (in classic Laguardia fashion), my flight was delayed and I had a chance to cool my jets in the Maple Leaf Lounge in Montreal. The great thing about the Air Canada lounges is that the booze is free, unlike those cheapskates at the United "Red Carpet" lounges. I tried to resist the freebie plonk, but the delay got longer and longer, and I got thirstier and thirstier...

On offer this evening were two Baron Philippe de Rothschild selections, a Merlot and a Sauvignon Blanc. The Merlot looked like wine, and the first sniff had faint aromas of wine, but to its credit it later improved to show some attractive, but subtle, vegetal, black cherry, earthy and peppery notes. On the palate it was plain, warm, liquid. Not unattractive, just a bit dilute and quite uninspiring - kinda bologna on Wonder bread plain. The temperature was a bit too 'chambre' for my liking.
Score: 12.5/20
Cost: free!

The evening's white wine was a nice surprise. This Sauvignon Blanc showed attractive grapefruit, toasty caramel and fresh cut grass aromas. Dilute, but with refreshing acidity and nice balance, this was a terrific value - one I would happily chug at a wedding or office party. I have to give this a "Great Value" tag (sells for C$12 locally).
Score: 14/20
Cost: free!

The Sauvignon Blanc had a distinct advantage in that it was a better pairing for my freebie suppertime feast of black olives, pickles, cherry tomatoes and a slice of bread.


(PS - Picture from Air Canada)


Marcus said...

Oh good, Laguardia. They made me feel so bad because I didn't know to automatically take off my shoes. God, terrorism really is the new religion.

I'd like regular contributions from the Maple Leaf Lounge. Ever done the VIA first class thing? Does it compare?

Sorry for the late comments recently. I feel bad when they go unanswered. In any case, you missed the SAQ tasting this week for those BPDRs? Too bad.

Joe said...

Regular lounge contributions? Hmm - not sure I am there frequently enough (and they don't change the selection that often), but I will try. Never taken the Via 1 - if I do, I'll be sure to blog it.
Yep, missed the Burgundies on Tuesday, and I will miss the German thing next week as well...this work thing is seriously inhibiting my not-for-profit blogging...