Saturday, March 03, 2007

2000 Moulin Pey-Labrie

The 2000 Chateau Moulin Pey-Labrie hails from the Canon Fronsac Appelation in Bordeaux, which seems to be gaining in stature as prices for the better-known appelations skyrocket. This wine was a suggestion from Brooklynguy, and I was fortunate to find the 2000 vintage available locally.

Nice scents of raspberry and oak, backed up by attractive vegetal (see Fermentation for a neat discussion) and flinty aromas. Classic Bordeaux. Medium-bodied with velvety tannins, good fruit and harmonius balance. An absolute pleasure to have a Bordeaux as it is hitting its stride, and one that paired so nicely with our roast beast, and a decent price for a well-made, aged, Bordeaux.

Score: 16/20
Cost: $35
Merlot, with some Cab Sauv. and Cab. Franc


Brooklynguy said...

You're only supposed to say it's my suggestion when you rate the wine at an 18 or above. What is this, "it's so good, it's so nice, it's so harmonius..." 16 pts business?!?

Joe said...

Technically, you recommended the 1999, not the 2000...
I am so sorry to offend, and I hope this will not prevent you from providing more suggestions! I was really glad to find this wine. According to my score descriptions, a 16 is "Excellent wine, balanced and interesting. This is probably a range to find some great values. (~70% of my scores)". I really liked the balance and smoothness, but the nose and palate were not as complex as the pricier Bordeaux. That is not a bad thing, more of a cost thing - you have to pay a LOT of money to get those extra two points. I have one more bottle - I will let you know if anything changes the next time around - Cheers!

Brooklynguy said...

You know I was kidding right? I liked your review, and also I am a fan of your scoring - not too many overblown ratings. My average on Cellar Tracker is 87 - we're on the same page.

Joe said...

Thought so, and thanks for the comments. I really need to spend more time over at Cellar Tracker.