Thursday, August 06, 2009

Seaview Sparkling Shiraz

Ok, what the heck is this? Yes, I know sparkling Shiraz is not NEW. Could it be that Joe is so un-cool that he never tried one or these, or could it be that I am so horribly snobbish that I would never buy a sparkling Shiraz? I will not answer that question right now, but I still want to know: what the heck did they do to my Shiraz?!

The Seaview Sparkling Shiraz was a tantalizing purple-y colour with a pinkish foam, but there was no doubt on the nose that this wine was a Shiraz - Aussie Shiraz. But those vanilla, dark berry and violet notes were no preparation for the shocking interaction of big fruit, big tannins and foam on the palate. Big, soft, fruity bubbles, a surprisingly fine tannic structure - I couldn't decide whether I wanted the bubbles to disappear and the wine to warm to reveal the Shiraz, or the tannins and big fruit to disappear and reveal a bubbly. No need to decide - the bubbles faded fast and it became a regular Shiraz, tasty but modest. A clever novelty from the marketing department.
cork. 13% alchol
Score: 14/20
Price: gift


Shea said...

That sounds pretty weird. I did have a Majella Sparkling Shiraz that was excellent and certainly nothing like you describe. Maybe just a horrible version?

Edward said...


Worth tracking down the Seppelt original sparkling shiraz. Quite reasonable in price, usually sealed with crown seal too. Always better with a big roast turkey or a ham

Erin said...

I tried this one last year and just....couldn't. It wasn't a moral quandry over whether or not a shiraz should have bubbles, it just plain wasn't any good. Would like to try a higher end one than this and hope that a)it's a heckuva lot better or b)sparkie shiraz never catches on over here.

Joe said...

Shea - Erin's comments suggest I should consider other versions, I will look for your Majella or Ed's Seppelt.

Sorry Ed, I see roast Turkey and I think burgundy - neurotic old winos get set in their ways...

Erin - we Quebecois are all wine snobs and will probably never accept a sparkling Shiraz (or at least not publicly...)

Cheers All!

Dr. Booze said...

You know this is a wine I think of as an acid test: can you approach it with an open mind? My experiences serving it here N. America are mirrored by the comments above. I'm still not a huge fan, but it isn't THAT bad; it's just novel.

It's also pure dynamite with barbecued pork.

Joe said...

Hi Dr. Booze - until I know everything there is to know about wine I will always approach a wine-filled glass with an open mind (and mouth). Thanks for directing me to your site (I've added a link)