Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wine by Joe, Reviewed by Joe

Seriously, Wine by Joe? How could I NOT buy this wine. Kinda cool that I bought this wine at the Wine Library in New Jersey - you know, THE Wine Library (Hint: Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV) - ok, who cares, Gary didn't make me eat dirt, but it was a cool store.

Pinot is a grape that just doesn't seem to lend itself to gimmicky marketing, so I approached the 2007 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir with caution. Reminiscent of Beaujolais at first - a pretty, delicate nose of flint and some smokey, cedary raspberry. Started a bit flat and unbalanced on the palate, but over time opened and sorted itself out, revealing tart, grainy, rasberries and some (substantial) velvety tannins. Quite enjoyable, and a tremendous value - Go, Joe, Go!
Score: 16/20
Price: ~US$8.99 (Wine Library)


Edward said...

Australia has a similar version - but the wine makers name is Brad and the label is Wine by Brad. . . I wonder who was first?

Joe said...

According to the website Wine by Joe hit the stores in 2004, how about Wine by Brad?

Edward said...


I think 2003 for Wine by Brad. . .

joe dobbes said...

Hi Edward,
My first bottling of Wine by Joe was from the 2002 vintage.

I am not sure how Wine Library got hold of it to sell it at such a ridiculous price.

Wine by Joe is my serious wine without attitude. Check out my dobbes Famiy Estate web page. We focus on PN at $28-$65/btl...8 different bottlings.

I like the great picture of Joe's barn and vineyard.

Joe said...

Hi Joe D. Looks like you beat Brad by a year! Is the Dobbes Family Estate website the same as the site? We don't get much Oregon PN here in Canada, but I hope that changes - Oregon's PN kick California, in my opinion. Glad you liked the Barn - Carneros, home to flabby Californa PN. Anyway, if I do an Oregon tour I'll be sure to stop by. Cheers!