Friday, March 20, 2009

More Celebratory Wine: 1999 Pian Delle Vigne

My good friend Cosme decided stop by the day after my birthday to celebrate, and for this occasion I reached into the cellar for Brunello - I don't know why, but it felt like the right thing to do tonight.

The 1999 Pian delle Vigne (Brunello di Montalcino) was quite successful in our monster Brunello tasting nearly three years ago. Tomatoes and grainy black earth start the nose, aromas of nutmeg and cloves, roses, almonds, wet coffee grounds, and bing cherry (less leather and tobacco than I expected...). Long, velvety tannins, pruney fruit, tongue-twisting acid and a minerality that was not far off from the Mercurey below. Lengthy and well-balanced, but not a brawny "in your face" Super Tuscan.
cork. 14% alcohol
Score: 18/20

Sorry to disappoint you Barry, but I simply enjoyed this half-bottle of 2005 Chateau de Chamirey Mercurey with few notes. Personally, I love how Mercureys tend to be stern and foreboding, and this was a a classic - surprisingly tart and minerally, it was a bit unfriendly at first and took some time to open up (as Mercureys seem wont to do...) ... but drinking very well later.

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