Friday, January 09, 2009

Joe's Wine Moves to Toronto (Almost)

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Montreal is a great wine town, with a love of food and wine that is unequaled in North America. We Quebecois each consume 20 litres per year of the stuff, (not quite up to European standards, but a respectable clip) and in North America it is the only major city I know of where wine with lunch is a common, acceptable practice.

Our love of wine is untainted by the presence of a local wine industry, so while there is a strong French influence in our wine culture we taste and enjoy most of the world's wines. Add to this a bevy of great restaurants and a government monopoly that occasionally passes on the savings from its buying power and we have it pretty good. Nothing is perfect, but pretty darn good.

With that background it was with great sadness that I began drafting a departure post in mid-December, as all things pointed to an imminent move of the family to Canada's "other city", Toronto.

Well, life throws you some curves - the family will be staying in our adopted hometown. To my Toronto-area friends and family, I am sorry I won't be joining you and drinking more LCBO wine. To my Montreal friends and tasting group - how could I leave you?!

In homage to Montreal stay tuned for some additional posts featuring "all things great and vinous" in Montreal.



Marcus said...

A cybernaut shows interest in physical space and real human contact! You are a fine role model for the balanced blogger, and I of course am happy to hear that you aren't relocating. See you soon...

Joe said...

Yes, I am SOOOO un-nerdy :) (in my mind, anyway). Look forward to sharing a glass here in Montreal. I was kind of excited to be moving closer to Niagara, though...