Friday, October 31, 2008

Cheap Portugal: 2006 Meia Encosta

Exploring the world's obscure grapes has resulted in some positive surprises, with Portuguese wines amongst the pleasantest surprises. Working with a unique slate of grapes this legendary producer of sticky reds is fashioning some great dry, red wines. From cheapo to mid-priced to high-end I have been very impressed, so a recommendation from the local SAQ was all I needed to take home this $10 wine.

The cherry red 2006 Meia Encosta (Dão) showed a nice nose of smokey bacon fat, pencil shavings, raspberry, and new leather. Simply textured, with crisp, juicy berry fruit, good structure and a short, smokey finish, it won't win any tastings but could be the king of mid-week wines.
Cork. 12% alcohol
Score: 15/20
Cost: C$10.45 (SAQ)


Marcus said...

Joe you rock. This is king of the midweek office party too. Love those drop-of-the-hat Portguese.

Even some whites, like the Albis I had on Tuesday, are as good for just as little.

I really need to go to Portugal soon!

Joe said...

Glad you liked this one. I've been leery of the whites - a bad Vino Verde experience so I've ignored them. I should try that Albis - will let you know how it goes. Portugal would be awesome!

Marcus said...

There's lots at an affordable price to choose from without going back into Vinho Verde territory -- for instance the bottle I had tonight:

Quinta do Valdoeiro colheita Bairrada 2006.

Generous and nicely constructed. Let me know how it goes.

Joe said...

Bought the Albis, not too many bottles of that Valdoeiro left - will try to get some.