Friday, October 17, 2008

2005 Two Hands "The Bull and The Bear"

In global stock markets "the Bear" has manhandled, mauled and danced on lifeless carcass of the Bull, but in tonight's wine The Bull and The Bear are supposed to live in harmony... 

The 2005 Two Hands "The Bull and The Bear" (Barossa) is a blend of 55% Shiraz (the Bear) and 45% Cabernet (the Bull). On the nose there is no doubt that there is Barossa Shiraz in the glass - big, leathery, black fruit (blackberry, cherries), grenadine, black pepper and a touch of vanilla. A palate of thick, velvety, black cherries - lots of tannin, but not enough acid to hold it together in the way I prefer. A very smooth and very polished effort, so "technically correct" but lacking in soul, leaving me somewhat uninspired. And it was not able to hide that whopping alcohol level...
screwtop. 14.8% alcohol
Score: 17/20
Price: C$49 (LCBO)

(My apologies to my wine buddy and occasional guest blogger Lloyd - my father in law grabbed this, not knowing it was set aside for you - I'll deduct it from your growing tab...)


Barry said... appropriate for this type of wine..
your quote 'lacking in soul, leaving me somewhat uninspired'...just about sums it up

Someone , somewhere..must love them...not bad wines..just yawningly boring after one glass. Win tastings maybe..and will appeal to young drinkers wanting up-front fruit..
but we 'Oldies' we need a touch of class

Joe said...

Hi Barry. I don't think I am clear on my scores - a wine may not excite me but be complex and polished enough to score high, while another wine may be awkward but yank at my neurons ... such is wine. Sometimes your mood can affect your thoughts, and this night may have been one of those. Of course, the bigger issue is "palate drift", and I fear there are whole sections of my cellar that are less interesting these days...who ya callin' old?! :)

Barry said...

Yes Joe..I understood what you said Kemo Sabi......I also have scored wines with 17..but reading the notes can give the impression I see a polished wine..just not a wine I would accept to drink readily.


I've seen photos of you after a night on the town..and man..did you look old!!

Joe said...

Hi Barry - I was just lamenting that many other readers may not know how I do this - by your notes I figured you were doing this pretty much the same way as me. And those pictures, the skirt made me look old and fat...