Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drive for One Hundred: 2004 Foradori Teroldego

Teroldego is a red grape from Italy's northernmost Trentino-Alto Adige winemaking region, and is found only rarely outside of Italy. In fact the grape thrives on the gravelly Rotaliano plain in northern Trentino, hence the wines are labelled "Teroldego Rotaliano".

Foradori is the most prominent producer, with the 2004 Foradori Teroldego Rotaliano being the entry-level wine. A very nice nose of peppery dried fruit, herbs, pine, blackberry and cassis, with some medicinal and floral notes as it opened up. Light- to medium-bodied on the palate, with good, juicy fruit and silky tannins. A short-ish finish, but balanced and flavourful, kinda "Gamay meets Nero d'Avola". A very good match for a mild Italian sausage pasta.
cork. 13% alcohol
Score: 16/20
Price: C$25.15 (SAQ)

Not my first Teroldego - I tasted the impressive (but pricier) Foradori Granato as an opener to our "Oddities Night" - but I want documented proof for the Century Club membership committee...

The only Teroldego I have ever found outside of Italy was at Luna Vineyards, one of my Napa faves. They have used Teroldego in a variety of wines over the years.


David McDuff said...

Hey Joe,

Another to look out for, thought I doubt if it's widely available, is the Teroldego "Armilo" from Diego Bolognani, a producer based in the Trentino DOC zone. Very expressive and a pretty solid value, priced in the high teens in $US.

Sausages are definitely well paired with Teroldego but there's also a local tradition for game with fruit based sauces. Try it with rabbit or duck with a berry or cherry finish sometime.

Joe said...

Hi David - nobody drinks it, but you've got more recommendations! I checked the local website - just Foradori, Mezzacorona and Marion available up here - will keep a look out for the Armilo. I totally agree with your game and fruit sauces suggestion - don't do the rabbit at home, but duck might work. FYI - Quebec cuisine is into game/fruit sauce, like venison/wild blueberry sauce - some great restos so suggest if you ever make it north of the border!

Anonymous said...

My dad loves the Cavit Teroldego which is modestly priced, however it is no longer available in his home state, Pennsylvania and I cannot locate it in NC. Is it available in your locale and have you tried it? It is a wonderful wine and a great value.

Joe said...

Hi Anon - no Cavit available here in Quebec, but I will keep an eye out for it. Thanks!