Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vintages Sept. 15 Release

Ok, one more special release, this time for my Ontario friends. This week's Vintages (LCBO) release is focused on Ontario wine, which I cannot comment on, but there are two awesome finds that I highly recommend:

1) 2003 Chateau Septy (Monbazillac): One my SW France wine favourites, this dessert wine is a stunning value, and just $9.99 for a half bottle! Ontario residents lucky enough to get a bottle of this need never eat cake again!

2) 2004 Bodegas Castano Hecula (Yecla): This is one of THE best wine values in the world. You MUST buy this by the case.

Other wines to think about:

2005 Elderton Tanatalus: a favourite Aussie winery for me based on quality and consistency.

2004 Yalumba Shiraz/Viognier: A great new world shiraz, and a great value.

2004 Altesino Rosso: They make a great Brunello, in a traditional style. This is worth a try.

(PS - Eden, please buy me some of the Septy, Hecula!)


Marcus said...

Not much in the way of Ontario offerings by the looks of it anyway Joe.

In terms of SAQ though, what the official word on Cours Mont Royal? Closing? When? Why? Tell all.

And they did a single tasting to say goodbye?

Joe said...

Thanks Marcus. I think I will hold off reviewing Niagara wines until I vist. Roadtrip!

I don't know when they close the store (I thought "before year end"), and I certainly don't know why, but Jean (who runs the tastings) is transferring to the Les Ailes store, and may be re-starting the tastings there. So this was more his goodbye, rather than the store goodbye.

Erin said...

Picked up a bottle of the Septy Monbazillac myself at the LCBO yesterday, I couldn't resist the $10 price tag and the yearning for a sweet French that I could actually afford. Everyone seems to be screaming Sauternes at it, so I'm hopeful.

WRT Niagara, you should make a trip down for harvest Joe, I'd be happy to play chauffeuse.

Joe said...

Hi Erin - I don't want to call the Septy a Sauternes, but at that price it is so tantalizingly close. Let me know how you like it.

I cannot come for harvest this year - I am off to Sonoma in early October. When is harvest, but the way? I may take you up on that offer at some other date!

Erin said...

Harvest is around now-ish. We're due to get our first batch of grapes in this week coming. Three months of no sleep and gassy ferments. Joy!

Joe said...

No sleep and gassy ferments sounds like heaven (the grass is always greener...). Good luck with harvest, and I hope to make it down there in 2008.