Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SAQ Cellier Release - Sept. 13th

The SAQ, Quebec's government-controlled liquor monopoly, is now publishing a beautiful wine magazine (in both English and French) called Cellier, which is published in conjunction with the periodic release of selected wines. This month's feature, by editor Marc Chapleau, covers the region of South West France, which is extremely topical given this week's WBW and my recent South West France series. I highly recommend that my Quebec friends read the article on South West France.

So, with a special release focused on a wide variety of wines from the South West, here are some thoughts:

1) The 1999 Chateau de Haute-Serre makes a great, inexpensive, Cahors. This release features their Cuvee Prestige. An experiment at that price, but I might just do it.
2) The 2004 Argile Rouge from Alain Brumont is bound to be good.
3) The 2005 Domaine Cauhape Symponie de Novembre is a dessert wine from this winery that I raved about in my SW piece.

There are also a number of other Madiran, Cahors and other (i.e. Irouleguy) SW releases. Enjoy!

PS - Note the release features a number of Corsican wines - see Dok Weingolb for some thoughts on these wines.


Marcus said...

Corsican brothers! Thanks for that shout-out.

Hey, I know you've been busy lately so I'm not sure you had time to read this... 2005s are arriving -- perhaps part of Cellier -- and likely to go fast. 2003 was outstanding.

Joe said...

Yes, you remember my twisted sense of humour. Now you are going to have to sit through the movie someday - my cellar is conveniently located next to the DVD player! Cheers,