Thursday, August 16, 2007

World's Greatest Wine Journalist

Thanks to Sao Anash of the Santa Barbara Independent for this story:

The Web’s Gift to Wine Lovers

I have no way to reach you, so let it be known that there is an extra special bottle in my cellar should your travels ever take you to Montreal.



Edward said...


Well done and well deserved.

Marcus said...

Was going to wait until I could congratulate you in person on being recognized, but it'll be worth saying twice anyway... so congratulations Joe!

I think your wineblog also ranks among the most improved, having followed it from its early stages. That's actually no small feat since most start strong and peter out.

Joe said...

Thanks for the comments - really, I am just glad people read.

As for most improved, I really never knew what I wanted out of this so it has been a "work in progress". But your early encouragement is the reason it has not petered out, and for that you both deserve a hearty thank you.

I think my direction forward is clearer now, and I look forward to year 2. Cheers!