Saturday, August 11, 2007

2005 BV Coastal Estates Sauvignon Blanc

I clearly did not think this American Wine Month thing through, as my spontaneity could be costly. I just realized that the 45-odd bottles in my cellar are rather costly (average price of over C$60), with many selections simply not ready to drink. So I had to go shopping, and I had to go cheap.

Tonight's 2005 BV Coastal Estates Sauvignon Blanc comes from Beaulieu Vineyard's (visited last October) entry level group of wines. One of the oldest and most famous Napa Valley producers, the BV Coastal Estates wines are simply labelled "California", which means the grapes can come from anywhere in the state. The Sauvignon Blanc was pale gold in hue, with simple but pleasing nose of green grass, white grapefruit, papaya and white flowers. Crisp and well balanced, this was a great summer quaffer at a great price.
13.5% alcohol
Score: 15/20
Price: C$15 (SAQ)


Stacy Nelson said...

Joe - that really is a pale gold! I can almost see through it... :)

David said...

I've been tasting a lot of sauvignons lately, had a good one from Charles Krug last night. This one sounds good. I had a BV cab recently that was a bit disappointing, haven't had this bottle.

Joe said...

Never had the Krug (hey, I can only drink so many bottles...). The BV cab was rather disappointing for me as well, but at the price (free in an airport lounge) it was the best wine ever. Cheers!

GollyGumDrops said...

It's astounding how much you can pay for Califorian wines. Here in Europe the price of the good stuff is prohibitive, and the cheap wines are awful. There's not a lot in the middle ground.

Joe said...

I found that travelling in Europe as well. Canada is not much better. The problem is the good price:quality stuff is bought up by Americans, so it's the other stuff that leaves the country. I buy most of my American wines in the U.S. when I travel on business. Cheers!