Sunday, October 15, 2006

2001 Chateau Lascaux "Les Nobles Pierres"

I was at the Manoir Richelieu for a weekend getaway with the family, and we had the opportunity to get a babysitter and enjoy the fine dining at the Restaurant le Charlevoix. The five diners were having a variety of dishes in very unusual preparations (i.e. veal, emu, and beef), so we agonized over the ample wine list over what wine to serve this thirsty crowd.

We settled on Grenache, and the waiter suggested the 2001 Chateau Lascaux from the Languedoc region of Pic St-Loup. I have had wonderful Pic St-Loup wines before, so we took his suggestion. It was a terrific choice - wonderfully fruity like an Aussie Grenache, but still very well structured and well balanced. I highly recommend this wine, and it appears to be available at reasonable prices.

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