Sunday, August 20, 2006

2000 Vigna del Sorbo

Fontodi's 2000 Chianti Classico "Vigna del Sorbo" had a very nice and aromatic nose which I described as "rustic Italian, with some edge". Nice scents of blackcurrant, undergrowth, leather, cloves, pine, hay, pencil shavings and maybe some pear? "Lots of wonderful aromas, very sangiovese, very Italian". Promising! Unfortunately, the harsh acidity and rough tannins made this a very unbalanced wine. I wrote "Dilute and slightly astringent, not what I expected. Very sangiovese, but I have had better at a bunch of price levels." It settled down with some air, but was still quite unbalanced. It had decent length, and may get better with more time in my cellar. Overall, not a bad Chianti, but definitely not up to the lofty price tag - C$48.
Score: 15.5/20

I will say that it was an excellent foil for my famous 'pesto lasagna'.

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