Sunday, July 05, 2009

Obscure Wine Regions: Dogliani

Italy has so many obscure wine appellations, but I thought I had a good handle on those. Then I saw this Dogliani. Ok, so it is not that mysterious - a Dolcetto from Piedmont - but something new, I'm a big fan of Dolcetto, and there are not too many on offer at the local wine shops.

The appellation of Dogliani (or Dolcetto di Dogliani) lies to the south in the Piedmont wine region, fashioning wines from this oft-neglected Piemontese grape. According to my good friend David, this region was only granted DOCG status, Italy's highest quality ranking, in 2005. You can read more on this appellation here.

I was very impressed with this example, the 2005 Siri d'Jermu Dolcetto di Dogliani by Pecchenino. A beautiful, earthy nose with ripe dark fruit - much riper that Dolcetto d'Alba's I have tasted - some cedary notes and a subtle use of oak. Good length on the palate, with generous but pleasing tannins, very flavourful but with modest acidity. A very nice package, but perhaps lacking the presence of top Dolcetto d'Albas I have tasted.
cork. 14% alcohol
Score: 16.5/20
Price: C$24.95 (SAQ)


Marcus said...

Hey Joe,
This was my entry in David's WBW. Glad you liked it. Those earthy aromas are nice. It's a standout Dolcetto for me with some real complexity, not something I don't often note drinking them so I go to this Dolcetto for a change. Sophisticated and surprisingly elegant, with delicious notes of anise that many Dolcetti don't have.

David McDuff said...

Thanks for the shout, Joe. Do try the Abbona "Maioli" if you can find it. The months that have passed since my WBW review should have placed it in even better stead.

Joe said...

Hi Marcus - you are right, it is a standout, but it ain't cheap! Have you tried any other Doglianis?

Hi David, my pleasure. Will look for that one - I sure hope I can get to Philly one of these days.