Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wine I SPY!

Those of you with kids know exactly where this is going:

I spy a unicorn, an orange slice,
two stars, two keys, a pyramid, and two knights

Four crosses, two angels, two saints, DIAM,
A butler's friend, wine barrels, and two heads of a ram.

Let me know if this is too easy. A special bonus for finding the fifth cross and wine crystals... (to be honoured on your next visit to my cellar)



Edward said...

I've just been Christmas shopping (bought some candles made of Australian bees wax and box of little paper clips which are the shape of a hippo. . .) and clearly what I'm still missing is a Santa Claus wine vest!

Joe said...

Yes, the Santa adorns my Christmas port. Any bonus points Ed?

Barry said...

If I'd drank all those table would have been a mess as well...

Barry said...

CHRISTMAS's the 4th December...!!!!!
Mind you.. I just received my first Xmas card...grrrrrrrrrrrr..

Xmas is 24-26 December



Joe said...

Ebenezer, you did drink all those wines - you just destroyed the evidence before someone snapped a picture. Cheer up - there's wine to be had!

Edward said...
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Edward said...

I've been reading 'A Christmas Carol' to my son, I think its a little too wordy for a 7 year old, but he seems interested. I'll be stuck with the image of Barry as Ebenezer now!

Those keys are not just any old keys - they are the keys to heaven!

Joe said...

Ed, my 7 year old son prefers Captain Underpants. Which son will remember his dad as the nerdy one? :)

The keys to heaven...literally and figuratively.