Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2004 Domaine L'Olivette, A Bandol!

Want to throw one of your know-it-all wine buddies for a loop? Serve them a Bandol, blind, and tell them "if you guess the appellation you can have any bottle in the cellar".

That was pretty much story of this night, where two friends greeted their late-arrival (me) with a full decanter and no bottle to be seen. They, and the waitress, offered me a free bottle if I guessed the appellation - I guessed south of France (pretty darn close in the planetary scheme of things), but I guessed Corbieres ... sigh, back to the gym (cellar).

Bandol, is an obscure (in North America, anyway) French wine appellation in the south of France that is famous for big, dark wines made from (mostly) Mourvedre. The 2004 Domaine de l'Olivette was inky purple in the glass, with woodsy tannins, ripe blackberries, vanillla and dark cherries, black pepper and liquorice - and the "heat" was showing. Leathery and fruity with big, dark fruit on the palate, smooth but very tannic and touch awkward with that port-like alcohol showing through.
cork. 15% alcohol
Score: 16.5/20

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