Sunday, December 02, 2007

New York, New York (2)

A highlight of our NYC adventure was a simple table wine at Patsy's Pizza. The 2004 Avignonesi Rosso is a blend of Prugnolo (40%), Cab Sauv (30%) and Merlot (30%), and just $24 on the restaurant menu. Dark cherry red in the glass, this vino di tavola was simple - smokey and cedar-ey, like a campfire, with meat, tobacco, pepper and dark cherries on the nose. Big and flavourful on the palate, with nice cooked fruit, acidity and tannins, it was balanced and interesting. An honest effort at this price, and a great match for a calzone with romano and prosciutto. Patsy's - great pizza, kid friendly, conveniently located near FAO Schwartz, and great prices on cheap wine.
cork. 12.5% alcohol
Score: 15/20
Price: $24 (menu)

I love visiting NYC at this time of year, and despite three kids in tow we managed a few good wine moments. I even liberated a few bottles of Bella from Rob's "cellar" - mmmm - wait for it!


David McDuff said...

Though I'm not a partaker in the scoring of wines, Joe, it's a pleasure to see that 15 out of 20 can actually be positive. On the WA/WS scales, this would equate to 75 points and would be about as harsh a pan as they hand out these days. Why have a 100-point scale if you're only going to use the 70-100 point part of the range? A moot point, I know.

Make sure to get yourself down to Philly next time you're in the area. Okay?

Edward said...


Did you eat all that was pictured!


By my maths and understanding of the dark art of wine scoring 15/20 would be 83-84/100. . .

Joe said...

Hi David - I have never thought about how to convert my scores to WA/WS scores, but my scoring would make this a good everyday wine. I think my scoring is closer to the RVF system, but not sure. Anyway, at this price point (in a resto) it was a great pour. I will definitely stop by on my next trip to Philly.

Hi Edward - family of 5! Have you ever seen a 3, 6 and 9 year old eat pizza?! I think your conversion is probably about right.

RougeAndBlanc said...

If you have not been to the Lombardi's Pizza @ Littly Italy, you should bring you family there next time. They have great pizza also.

Marcus said...
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Marcus said...

I purposely avoided FAO Shwartz last Saturday when I happened to be in Manhattan at the same time you were. But now that I've met your kids, I would've liked to have seen them there.

Joe said...

Andrew - thanks for the tip. With kids you can never know too many pizza joints. Will check it out next time.
Marcus - it is wise for people to avoid FAO Schwarz at holidays, especially if you do not have kids. I couldn't get my 3 yr old to stop screaming when we left. She didn't stop crying until we went for pizza.