Saturday, November 24, 2007

Breaking the Rules with Inexpensive Burgundy

Feeling a little cocky after a string of nice red burgundies this year (1,2,3,4,5) I went and broke a number of rules with this wine. First, I bought it based on the label (gasp!): no recommendation from friends, store employees or the usual media suspects - just a good vintage and a decent house on the label, and for $25 how could I go wrong? Second, I opened a Burgundy and drank it...without food (horror!). Yep, that's right, opened the bottle and drank some with my wife while watching an old Bond flick on TV. Surely random acts of Burgundy buying and drinking without food should be punished?

Wrong, the 2005 Joseph Drouhin Givry was a terrific bottle. Bright cherry red, with a perky nose of very ripe raspberry and damp forest undergrowth, later opening with some floral, truffle and meaty aromas. While the nose seemed overripe, that was not the case on the palate - the berries were crisp, with enough tannin and acidty that may allow this to keep for a few years. A pleasure to drink on its own, it might even go with food.
cork. 13% alcohol
Score: 16/20
Price: C$25.25 (SAQ)

A great pour, this wine plays into my thinking that randomly buying 2005 Burgs from the lesser domaines of decent makers should deliver some great values.

PS - I actually bought this to compare with the $35 2005 Drouhin Pernand-Vergelesses - looks like I have to go buy another bottle (bottles?)


Marcus said...

Ha! Good post.

Prices go down on Wednesday so I will definitely start buying freely like you did here.

(I didn't realize you were so cautious!)

Joe said...

Only cautious over 20 bucks! Will be looking for '05 Burgs after Wednesday...

Temporal said...

Inexpensive but well made Burgandy can be very good value. For 15 euros I can pick up a bottle that will knock the socks off any Bordeaux in the same price range and give the Italians a run for their money also, though of course it is a very different proposition.

Have a look out for these houses if you happen to stumble across them from good years.
Domaine Gachot-Monot (1996, 1997, 1998, 2000)
Nicolas Potel (Negotiant),
Régis Forey,

Joe said...

Hi Temporal. I agree with the "can" part - what you have said is possible, but requires a lot of effort! I still think Burgundy is a minefield, but I am very happy with my recent luck. A few good houses keep you safe - thanks for those tips - you can see I have already enjoyed the Potel, and I see the '02 Genot-Boulanger Mercurey (white) is available, as is the '01 Mercurey Saumonts - any thoughts on those?