Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2001 Clerico Trevigne Barbera d'Alba (retaste)

I opened my last bottle of the 2001 Clerico Trevigne. This was a 'retaste', as I first blogged this wine in September. All of my notes still stand - same berry, floral and liquorice scents that changed and developed over the evening. Just as nicely balanced, with good length - this should age well (too bad I drank my last bottle). After a short decant, it paired very nicely this evening with cheese tortellini in tomato sauce. I would definitely buy this wine again, if I could find it. Clerico makes a strong case for abandoning inexpensive Chianti (except the Nipozzano) and switching to Barberas. FYI - I scored this one point higher than I did in September (I forgot I had previously scored this wine). Also note that recorking this and drinking the next day was not a success - finish the bottle once you open it!

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