Sunday, June 18, 2006

2003 Vrai Canon Bouche

For Father's Day my wife bought some nice steaks. Naturally (for me), I reached for a Bordeaux, which I find pairs very well with lightly marinated grilled beef. However, I was interested in a more 'modest' (i.e. price) Bordeaux this evening. I recently received my 2003 Bordeaux futures (more on 'futures' in a future post...) and found a perfect wine. The 2003 Chateau Vrai Canon Bouche (AOC Canon-Fronsac) was absolutely wonderful. I had reservations that this wine would be too young, but I was wrong. While the nose matched the modest price of this wine (pleasant, but not terribly interesting), the flavour screamed "Drink Me Now!" Note, I decanted (more on decanting in a future post) this 30min before dinner - a good thing, as the sediment was substantial. Overall, while the length was modest, this young Bordeaux was very well balanced, with a nose that hinted of summer fruit. Excellent wine, an excellent match for steak, and at C$25 an excellent value.

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