Friday, January 12, 2007

2003 Greg Norman Cabernet Merlot

I automatically assume "Superstar Wines" are terrible values, so it took some convincing to buy wine from a person who calls himself "The Shark". That convincing came in the form of a Wine Spectator "Wine of the Week" review, so I gave this wine a shot.

The 2003 Greg Norman Limestone Coast Cabernet Merlot is mostly Cabernet, with other vintages approaching 90%, so the anti-Merlot crowd need not worry. This ruby-hued wine was very Bordeaux-like on the nose, with a nice leathery/peppery start followed by aromas of rasberry, violet, earth, vanilla, and smoke that were interesting and every-changing. The palate continued the Bordeaux theme - very well balanced, great tannins, nicely integrated. This was not a fruit-forward Aussie! This was a full-bodied wine with substantial length - accessible now (after a good decant), it would probably benefit from a few years in the cellar. This would probably pair well with many dishes, but my preferences would be a steak off the grill or a nice winter beef stew. Score 17.5/20, Price C$24.75

I have also tried Victoria Chardonnay before, and it was a very nice wine.

Overall, while Greg Norman's wines are priced a few dollars above the competition, there is a consistency of quality in those I have tasted. Greg Norman's wines could be the ideal 'business meal' wines - impress your client without thinking too hard and without blowing the company budget. Cheers!


Dr. Debs said...

Hi, Joe! Just swinging by to check out your site and saw your review for this wine. I have a bottle of the 2002, and I think it's had some unfavorable reviews for some of the reasons you highlight, namely it is in an Old World style. But I love that. Thanks!

Joe said...

Hi Dr. D.
Yes, I suspect that old world style is likely to throw off a few Aussie lovers. The Greg Norman Chardonnay was definitely more new world, however. Cheers!